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Product Overview

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The Game Gate VU is an upright arcade machine designed to convert Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect video game consoles into an arcade-style video game. Unlike traditional arcade machines, the Gate Gate VU allows the operator or player to change the game being played on the machine by simply changing the game disc. Additionally, the Game Gate works by charging players on time played, not by skill. Therefore, this means novice players will find great value in the system and have more time to play their favourite Xbox game titles.

An LED Backlight Marquee at the top of the Game Gate VU machine shows a scrolling message to attract players. One or two players can play at a time using the Xbox handheld controllers attached to the system. The operator has the decision of setting the charge per minute for one or two players (two players typically costing more than one). Player inserts currency by coin/token or bill, and time is added. The LED Backlight Marquee display will show the remaining time and warn players when the time is running low by flashing the illuminated pushbuttons on the control panel. However, time can be added at any time by the player by inserting more currency. Controls will not work until more currency is inserted into the Game Gate VU. Machine can also be set to free play.

The Game Gate VU is a smash hit addition to the home entertainment room, games room, kids play area, waiting rooms, offices, work or staff room, common rooms, rentals, and offices. With it's eclectic mix of modern gaming and graphics, and vintage arcade aesthetics, the Game Gate is popular with players of all ages and skill levels.