Game Gate VU Now Shipping

Game Gate VU Now Shipping

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The Game Gate VU, the revolutionary licensed coin-operated machine using home market hardware, is now available and ready for immediate shipment from the USA. The Game Gate VU is compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect consoles, allowing you to use home market technology in a pay-to-play environment.

The Game Gate VU has been greatly transformed since it first entered the market with firmware and software improvements increasing the reliability and stability of the machine.

The Game Gate VU features a 32" high-definition LCD monitor with built-in subwoofer, and is housed in a sleek upright cabinet design to help maximize floor space. The machine is licensed to play hundreds of Xbox 360 and Kinect video games in a public environment, whether you are an operator, bowling alley, skate facility, FEC, arcade, restaurant, bar, nightclub or any other venue open to the public.

Furthermore, the Game Gate VU includes a coin mech which can be programmed to accept either coins or tokens. The machine also supports upstacking bill acceptor or upstacking bill acceptor/credit card reader.

Lastly, the machines can be linked locally for versus / tournament play, or connected to the internet for online play (based on internet connection, license, and game system used). The Game Gate also has two Xbox 360 memory card jacks on the front of the unit which allow players to load/save game data and load gamer profile for network play.

Game Gate VU machines are ready for immediate shipment ex-USA. Please contact us for more information, or if you would like to place an order.

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