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Electronic features

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Game Gate VU
- Charge by time circuit board with reset and AV function
- Built in protection to prevent players from changing video game console settings
- Component video and stereo audio input x 2
- Component video and stereo audio output x 2
- AV switching function to alternate video sources
- Game system/PC reset and power control
- Emergency input to mute audio in case of fire alarm
- Manual operator interface to change system settings (requires PS2 keyboard)
- Power supply with 24VAc output for bill/credit card acceptor (not included)

Single power cord
- 6ft (available in 110VAC or 220VAC configurations)
- 3 pin connector cable, PC style

High powered cooling fans
Three cooling fans with protective grills to cool inside equipment

External power switch
Powers all components with a single switch on the top of the cabinet