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License Overview

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iGames Inc., who act as an intermediary between video game publisher's and operators of equipment in a pay-to-play environment, are no longer providing Game Gate VU licensing for public use. However, the game still works (with the application of an upgrade kit that overrides the licensing issue) and is great for home users.

The Game Gate VU is a smash hit addition to the home entertainment room, the work staff room or any other kind of recreational area. Entertain friends and family with up to date games in a nostalgic, upright arcade-style cabinet. This mix of modern and vintage makes this product unique and appeals to people of all ages and gaming tastes. Whether you just want to keep the kids occupied or you want to battle it out with your friends, the Game Gate machine is the answer.

Publishers with titles previously licensed for use on the Game Gate include Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts, with most games released by these publishers licensed for use. The number of games available to play on Game Gate is increasing rapidly, with new publishers in the works and games added as they are released to market. For a full rundown of games available, please refer to our Games List.