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LAN, internet, tournament ready

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Game Gate VU
Machines can be linked together for LAN play, or connected to the internet for online play (based on internet connection, license, and game system used).

Remote Management Terminal (RMT)
Recommended for operators with many locations, or a location with multiple VUs in a single location. Remotely access the VU through the internet to :

1) track profits and manage games
2) set prices and adjust settings
3) rotate video advertisements
4) track and compare location ROI

What is the RMT?
The RMT (remote management terminal) is a recommended accessory for Game Gate. The RMT adds the following features and benefits to the Game Gate experience :
  1. Remote management
  2. Location grouping
  3. Advertisements/Marketing
  4. License activation management
  5. Improved player experience
  6. Network play
  7. Extend the life of your game system or computer
1. Remote Management
Login to the Quasimoto server and get up to the minute status of key metrics such as: money collected, game status, troubleshoot, financial management/tracking, price adjustment, and machine messaging.