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Existing Game Gate Customer

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Unfortunately, licensing is no longer supported by iGames Inc., but don't throw out your Game Gate just yet. Previously, customers were paying licensing fees every six months to be able to continue playing the machine. Without these updates, the machine would cease to function until provided with the updates. However, in light of recent events, customers will still be able to use their machines with the benefit of a once-ff upgrade kit.

The upgrade kit includes a compact flash card which customers can use to essentially "unlock" the machine. The flash card affects the part in the machine that stops it from working without the updates, meaning that customers can keep on using their machines well into the future, without having to worry about frequently updating the license and continuously paying fees.

We must note that it is recommended that any machines being used publicly as pay-to-play machines should cease, and any customers who continue to use the machine publicly for pay-to-play will be doing so at their own risk. However, these machines are make great additions to any home entertainment room, games room, staff or common rooms, rentals, offices or, man caves... adults and kids alike love this machine, with it's mix of modern gaming and vintage arcade aesthetics.

We are offering the upgrade compact flash card kit for $195USD (please ask about freight quoting to your location).