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Licensing No Longer Valid

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Licensing for the Game Gate VU is no longer being supported by iGames, the company previously in control of the licensing. iGames Inc., who act as an intermediary between video game publishers and operators of equipment in a pay-to-play environment, are no longer providing Game Gate VU licensing for public use. However, the game still works (with the application of an upgrade kit that overrides the licensing issue) for free-to-play and is great for home users.

The process used to that customer would purchase the license update every month, without which the machine would stop working until it had received said update. Now, with licensing not being supported, existing customers wishing to continue using their Game Gate VU machine/s will need to purchase the upgrade kit.

We recommend that customers do not continue to use these machines publicly as pay-to-play machines, and if they continue to use the machines in this way, customers do so at their own risk. However, all is not lost! These machines are great in home entertainment rooms, game rooms, staff or common rooms, rentals, offices or, man caves... adults and kids alike love this machine, with it's mix of modern gaming and vintage arcade aesthetics.