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Feature Pinouts

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1. Backlight Marquee - illuminated by 50 white LEDs. Graphic panel is compressed between
two acrylic panels and can easily be customized.

2. High powered speakers - ear level, subwoofer down below with separate volume control.

3. Illuminated player start buttons - for 1 or 2 player game

4. Backlight game instruction - graphic can easily be replaced for custom instructions and

5. Tempered glass control panel cover - graphic underneath can easily be changed.

6. Headphone input jacks - 3.5mm headphone jacks for players to hear the gameplay in
more detail.

7. Memory unit port - players can load their profile (Xbox 360 only) by inserting an Xbox
360 memory unit. Also allows players to save progress. Available for player 1 and player 2.

8. Headphone volume control - players with connected headphones can adjust the volume
level of the headphones, independent of the game speaker volume.

9. Lighting effect side panels - over 80 bright colored LEDs illuminate to communicate
game status and attract the player.

10. Aluminum tread plate - foot rest and ideal for barstool configuration.

11. Green LED scrolling display board - 1152 bright LEDs attract player, communicate custom
messages, display time remaining and game status.

12. 32" LCD - high definition LCD, 16:9 widescreen 1366x768 resolution.

13. 3/16" tempered glass bezel

14. Game case holder - quickly install the retail game case of the game installed to communicate
game rating, protected under 1/8" tempered glass.

15. Game controller slots - left player can slide to center for single player game sessions (or
locked into place).

16. Reset - players can reset the game system mid game to start from the beginning if desired.

17. Game console window - identifies the console installed, and is illuminated to attract players. 3/8” thick acrylic is theft proof.

18. Sliding acrylic door - with key can slide to gain easy access to the game CD drawer, but
not be able to remove the game system.

19. Over under coin door- includes coin mech. Some models may have an electronic mech or
bill validator (optional).

20. Casters/leg levelers