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Setting master volume

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The Game Gate VU machine has a dial which controls the master volume. It can be accessed by opening the top coin door. Simply adjust the volume to your preference using the dials.

The Game Gate VU system also allows you to set the Attract Mode volume and the Game Mode volume through adjusting the system software, however these values are relative to the master volume level.

1) Bass - Controls the level of the lower frequencies output by the subwoofer.

2) Volume - controls the master volume level. Volume is also controller by the software settings.

3) LED - shows the power status of the sound system, should be lit green when the Game
Gate VU is plugged in. If this is not lit, make sure the power supply connected to the subwoofer
is connected to the power strip. Also make sure that the power button (#4) is pressed

4) Power button - should be pressed down at all times.