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Optimising the game console

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Optimising the Xbox 360

Some adjustments must be made to the Xbox 360 to optimize the console for this application. To do this, remove the game disk from the disk tray of the Xbox 360. This should take you into the Xbox 360 dashboard to adjust the consoles settings.

Display Settings:

In order to get the best possible video quality out of the Xbox 360 for use with the Game Gate system, you need to set the Xbox to output as the highest possible resolution supported by the 32" monitor. Once in the Xbox 360 dashboard, access the "System" setting, and change the "Video Output" to 720p widescreen.

Startup Settings

The Game Gate frequently resets the Xbox 360. The design of the system is that the game disc in the drive must be detected and automatically started when the system boots. If the game is not directly booting and instead you are seeing the dashboard during boot, check the system startup options in the dashboard - go to the System tab, then scroll down to the Startup tab, and select "Boot to Disc".